Top 5 Best Discord Alternatives

Gamers and professionals are using discord chat apps to connect to one another in reality. Both voice and text chat apps become amazing tools to collaborate and exchange crucial information. Therefore, Discord becomes an important and popularly used application, especially by gamers. It’s the sole reason why gamers can collaborate with one another, harmoniously and become actual buddies in the virtual world.

Well, seemingly some of us have been looking for a Discord alternative due to server raids or chat bombarding or people engaging in harassment. Thus, below given are ample alternative options for you. Scroll through, know more!

1. Slack


Slack is now considered as one of the best team software. It’s better than Discord for it offers better integrations. Slack also integrates with various third-party tools like Trello, GitHub, MailChimp, and many others. It enables quicker amalgamations as you also get a centralized event feed right next to your chat. This further lets important conversations to happen.

Important Features Include:

  • uploading a file to any channel over HTTPS only by dragging and then dropping the same.
  • calling people to be online by using the @mention option.
  • an intriguing and defined user interface.

2. TeamSpeak


TeamSpeak is the privy choice for all the VoIP communication systems for online gaming. It uses clear sound to communicate with team members across the platform with military-grade security, lag-free performance and unparalleled reliability in the market. This seems to be a rather perfect discord alternative.

Important Features Include:

  • Lag-free communication with automatic microphone, volume adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation.
  • Integrated Military-Grade Security as standard.
  • The decision ability for who can leave and who can join in.
  • Access over 100 add-ons, skins and voice packs.
  • Cloud-based service enabling synchronization of your servers, settings, and preferences between devices.

3. Skype


Skype is the perfect software for simple audio and video chat. However, it doesn’t have all the advanced gaming features. Both tools have a built-in screen share feature that works differently in each tool. During a voice or video call, you can share your screen with a “+” key. However, in Discord, you have a choice to share an entire screen or some part.

Important Features Include:

  • allows you to make personal audio and video calls.
  • enables the transfer of all file types, even enables the opening of multimedia files.
  • Skype has a recommended bandwidth of 100 kbps for voice calls.

4. BetterDiscord

better discord

Better Discord is also a chat application like normal Discord. The difference between the two is exciting, however. It comes with emojis and thus also emotes directly from

Important Features Include:

  • there is a custom CSS editor available. It enables you to change the platform according to yourself.
  • it also allows you to add plugins and extensions.
  • you can add new themes or customize the existing one.
  • switch between the more minimal mode to focus on voice chat and more.
  • it supports plugin installation. Therefore to download a third party is possible in order to create your own plugins.
  • a lot of custom themes are also available.

5. Telegram

Telegram acts like a native app for every platform. Messages on Telegram are highly encrypted and have the capacity to self-destruct. It lets you access your messages from multiple devices. Messages are delivered here very quickly. Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone.

Important Features Include:

  • sends documents of all types.
  • encrypt personal and business secrets.
  • stores media in the cloud.
  • you can always build your own tool on API.
  • lets you enjoy feedback from your customers.
  • coordinates groups of up to 2,00,000 members.
  • synchronize your chats across all your devices.
  • Destruct messages with a timer.


We now come to an end of our alternate discord list. One can, therefore, say that every application in the market having its own unique features. All of them can be used by both~ gamers and professionals. These Discord alternatives mentioned aren’t limiting at all- rather have varied features for users of all kinds. All of the above-mentioned discord alternatives have some great productivity-related features that can help with your workflow at the office or while playing games.

Lastly, before finally using any of the alternate discord, know your needs. Make the right choices here in order to do well later.

How to Uninstall a Software in Windows?

Sometimes we install many software programs to check what can they do for us. Some software are for special purpose and may be used once so we need to remove them. Uninstalling a software program on Windows system is not so hard even its easier than installing software.

Benefits of uninstalling a software:

  • If you are not using a software from long time
  • If a software doesn’t work properly or crashes many times a day than its a wise idea to uninstall and then reinstall it.
  • To free up Hard disk space.
  • To speed up Windows system.

There are many tools available to uninstall software applications on Windows system. You can search them in Google. But installing a new tool to uninstall software is not a good idea if Windows itself has application uninstaller. You can use ‘Programs and Features’ to uninstall programs or to make changes in their settings.

Uninstall Software using Programs and Features:

  • First open Programs and Features window. To open it go to Control Panel and then Programs and Features. or Open ‘Windows Explorer’ and click on ‘Uninstall or change a program’ link at top menu bar.
  • Now select the software you want to uninstall. Double-click on it or choose right-click and then uninstall. You may be prompt for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Uninstaller will now gather required information’s to remove software. Some software depends on other software or a part of software, they needs further confirmations, provide confirmation as per their needs.

You are done! Some software also has ‘Change’ and ‘Repair’ options. If you are facing some problems with a particular software and want to repair, you can select Change/Repair options. But Uninstalling and then reinstalling a software program is the best way to repair a software.

Uninstall Software using Start Menu:

Almost all software can also be uninstalled from Start Menu. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the ‘Start Menu’, (to open it press Windows Key). In Windows XP click ‘Programs’. In Windows Vista & Windows 7, click ‘All Programs’ just above search box.
  • Now find the folder of software you wish to uninstall. In this folder you can see the uninstall option, click on it and follow the instructions.

After following above tutorial if you still face problem in uninstalling a software programs, kindly ask your query in comments.

What is Windows Control Panel & How to Open it?

Windows OS has thousands of settings that can be accessed and configured from various programs. But finding a specific setting may be a tough task. That’s why the Windows ‘Control Panel’ exists. Control Panel allows users to view and configure different programs, personalization, administrative and basic system settings.

Control Panel categories all settings in 8 sections:

  • System and Security
  • Network and Internet
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Programs
  • User Account and Family Safety
  • Appearance and Personalization
  • Clock, Language and Region
  • Ease of Access

With the help of Control Panel we can configure almost every Windows settings like add & remove hardware & software, control user accounts, administrative options, hard disk management, personalization, networking settings.

How to Open Windows Control Panel:

Control panel can be accessed using many methods. Here are three most obvious methods.

  1. Press Windows Key to open Start Menu. On the right-side you can see Control Panel link.
  2. Using Command Prompt: Open command prompt, now type ‘control.exe’ and hit enter key.
  3. Using RUN command: Press ‘ctrl + R’ to open run prompt. Now type control.exe and hit enter. If you use Windows 7 then instead of control.exe you can use ‘control’ and hit enter key.

Do you know other methods, share with us using comment form.

Is Windows Phone Better Than Android Smartphone?

Windows8 phones have a fresh new interface which makes it one of its kind. Windows phone have a very good blend of powerful hardware and exciting Operating System. Further on comparing the specifications of the windows phone and Android, we feel that Windows phone have higher standards than android but Android is more user friendly and popular.

Talking about the features, then windows8 have been integrated with X-Box live gaming which makes windows phone, a better phone for gaming.

Further we see that every windows phone that is available, has powerful hardware to run every application but in case of Android, hardware is efficient only with high ranged phones.

If we look at the app market then Windows phone surely lacks behind Android as Android features more applications in its Google Play market.

When Windows7 phones were launched, they had poor multitasking as the, every process got terminated when you exit from the screen whereas in case of android the processes are still running in the background and we can also see the processes in the notification bar on top of screen. We wonder how is multitasking done in windows8 phones.

Windows phones major drawback was the absence of Bluetooth, sine Bluetooth makes sharing easier so Bluetooth should definitly be there in windows8 phone.

Further we see the windows 7 phone was not integrated with the Google products like Gmail, Gtalk and other Google services which is a drawback.

Android is so far the best mobile OS used, today’s market is flooded with Android phone whereas very few windows phones are available which is a drawback for the windows phone. Last time when i went to buy a phone, I could see the huge demand for the iPhone and similar demand for the Android phones but there was very less demand for the windows phone.

In the nutshell, we would like to inculcate that just like everything has its pros and cons, similarly windows phone also has its pros cons and both the mobile Android and Windows phone are good and efficient in their own way.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Features and Specifications

Nokia and Samsung just announced their windows8 based smart phones and so now it’s the turn of HTC to take its windows 8 phones official. HTC Windows Phone 8X is announced by HTC which has extra-ordinary design, superb OS, efficient hardware and many more stuffs and features. Here are the main features and specifications of the phone.

  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 Megapixel Camera with backside illuminated sensor (BSI)
  • LED flash
  • Front camera 2.1 Megapixel
  • HTC’s discrete imaging processor
  • Available in cheerful colors
  • 4.3 inches sensitive display
  • Resolution of 1280 X 720
  • Capable of 1080p Video Capture
  • Comparable to other WP8 phones ATIV S and Lumia 920

With the rectangular design and tapering edges HTC windows Phone 8X has a very elegant design. Further the phone has a moderate display of 4.3 inches whereas other comparable phones of the WP8 family like Lumia 920 and ATIV S have 4.5 inches screen. However the resolution of all the three phones is equal.

With the launch of Windows Phone8X, also a lower end Windows Phone 8S will be launched which will be lower in cost as compared to the WP 8X.

Samsung has already started the pre-orders of its phone ATIV and very soon at the end of this month Windows8 is going to be launched which has created lots of excitement among the people about the windows8 and windows8 gadgets.

Starting of the New Era With Windows 8 Computers

The availability of the windows 8 computer has lead to the beginning of the new era of the stylish and exciting Windows8 Operating System based computers. Windows 8 is now available with the top PC manufacturers. Here are top PC models that are launched and available at the Microsoft Store.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC:

Samsung ATIV Smart PC is stylish PC y Samsung as it can be used as a Tablet when in mood of gaming or doing handy things and at the same time commercial and business work can also e done easily by simply attaching to its keyboard.

The Tablet has a magnetic base which makes tablet-pc change very easy and reliable. The PC also has S Pen which is the modern stylus y Samsung to make notes, quite similar to the one seen in Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note2. The PC has very good battery life of about 8 hours. The Screen size of the PC is small that is hardly 111.6 inches. The other hardware specifications of the Tablet include Intel clover Trail Processor and RAM of 2GB.

Dell XPS Duo 12:

Dell XPS Duo is powerful flexible and cool PC which serves you the features of a PC in a Tablet as well. The PC has 12.5 inches screen. The PC is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge ULV processor and RAM of 4 GB. If we talk about the design then the Tablet is quite an easy ultrabook to tablet PC with flexile flip hinge design. The PC supports all the windows 8 application and games. The price of the PC is set to $1,199/-.

Acer Aspire S7-391:

Acer Aspire S7-391 is the thinnest ultrabook so far available in the market which serves you with a high performance. the design of the PC is quite elegant and also the display of the PC is also very fine. Further the PC has a twin Air cooling system which will never allow any heat to pass out from your PC. The PC ha longer battery of about 12 hours. Acer Aspire S7-391 is powered with Intel 3rd Generation i3 processor and RAM of 4GB. The price of the PC is set to $1,299/-.

Nokia Lumia 820: Another Windows 8 Phone by Nokia

After announcing the new flagship phone Nokia Lumia 920, here is another windows8 Smartphone by Nokia, Lumia 820. Lumia 820 is not as smart as Lumia920 but still has enough good to provide a good windows8 features.

Lumia 820 has a little smaller screen as compared to Lumia 920 as Lumia 920 has a 4.5 inches display whereas it has a 4.3 inches AMOLED non-HD display. However the phone also lacks the pure motion HD+ which is present in Lumia 920.

The design of the phone is also different from the design of Lumia 920 as Lumia 920 has sharp edges where Lumia 820 has a slightly curved edges.

Talking about the hardware Lumia 820 has almost the same hardware as Lumia 920, 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Processor with 1GB of RAM. However Lumia 820 has a lesser battery of 1650mAH.

Lumia 820 has Carl Zeus Lens and 8 Megapixel sensor but the camera simply lacks the pure view camera technology. This time a Micro SD card slot has also be added to this Lumia phone unlike Lumia 800.

The phone has features and specifications which makes it powerful stylish and efficient of performing every task and running every application smoothly.

The price and availability of the phone will only be revealed after the launch of windows8 which is scheduled at 26th October by Microsoft and till then you can either wait for the phone other gather money to buy such amazing windows8 phone by Nokia and Microsoft Combo.

Opening an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows in No Time

If you’ve gotten used with Windows 8 a bit, you’ve probably noticed that most commands in this version of the operating system can be executed only from within an elevated Command Prompt. This means that you won’t have to run the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.

However, there are some commands that cannot be run from a standard Command Prompt. When trying to run this type of commands, you’ll see an error message that reads as follows “This command can only be executed from an elevated command prompt”. If you happen to see this message, don’t panic because opening an elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 is not that complicated. The steps to be followed take little time and pose no difficulty. So, here they go:

1. Start by right-clicking on the Start Screen if you’re using a keyboard. Then just click on “All apps”. If you don’t use a keyboard, go to “All apps” by swiping up from the bottom of the Start screen and then simply touch “All apps”.

2. Once you get to the “All apps” screen, you have to go to the Windows System heading and then right-click or press and hold Command Prompt.

3. There’s a menu that will appear at the bottom of the screen. You will have to press/click on “Run As Administrator”. You may get a User Account Control message. If you do so, then just click on Yes.

4. You will see an elevated Command Prompt opening. You can now execute any command in Windows 8 and you don’t have to worry about permission restrictions because you’re running the Command Prompt program as an administrator.

How can you tell whether the Command Prompt you opened is elevated or not? Well, it’s very simple. If it’s elevated, the window title should say “Administrator: Command Prompt” and if it’s not elevated, the title should say only “Command Prompt”.

Those of you using a keyboard can use the Power User Tasks Menu to open an elevated Command Prompt. You just have to press Win+X and then click on Command Prompt (Admin). If you see the User Account Control message, click Yes.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 8

Windows 8 comes fully loaded with new features and updated technology which is built to match the needs of the new generation computer users. The look of the new Windows 8 has been completely changed from the previous installment of Windows. It improvises and defines the most advanced user interface to provide a powerful and a unique experience.

The Windows 8 comes with a bold new look, which successfully creates a good first impression. The bold look of the Windows 8 signifies the power it holds and the great level of performance it is capable of. The good part about the design of the Windows 8 is that it is based on the design of Windows 7. The design of the new Windows 8 is a diverse and an improved derivative of the previous version of Windows which was Windows 7.

The all new and powerful Windows 8 is designed suitably for the new generation personal computers and touch screen gadgets. The exciting part about Windows 8 is that it enables all the features associated with these devices and makes an optimal use of the products. Another refreshingly innovative feature about the Windows 8 is its new and sleek start screen which is quite different from the previous windows home screen.

But the classic theme lovers need not worry because the Windows 8 also incorporates the desktop screen which we are already familiar with. Another good aspect about Windows 8 is that some of the old applications of the Windows 7 have been used again in this version of the Windows.

The basic features of the Windows 7 such as the settings, devices and some of the applications have not been changed at all the new and improved Windows 8. The security and reliability feature of the Windows 7 has also been made use of while building the design of the Windows 8.

The successful applications and processes about the Windows 7 have been improved and used again in the design of the Windows 8. These features about Windows 8 make it so great. The new look of the Windows 8 holds a bold and a sleek look which makes it so stylish. The beautiful design makes everything look very good about Windows 8. The design of application and appearance of text on the screen and the intuitive nature of the new Windows 8 make it very easily user friendly thereby providing a superior experience to its users.

The good aspect about the new Windows 8 is that it is designed specifically for the user and to cater all the need which is required to be fulfilled by using the computer platform. The favorite apps, photo albums, playlists and website, everything is managed by the user of Windows 8, while it implements all the functions which are asked for by the user. The ability to personalize the use of Windows 8 completely creates an unparallel experience of using the computer for all necessary activities in our daily lives while enjoying all preferred flavors of own choice.

Here’s List of Windows 8 Devices Announced

The Windows 8 frenzy tends to get even greater with every day going by. It’s no wonder why that’s so if we’re taking into account the fact that there’s not much left until the latest version of the operating system is released (October 26). Windows 8 will run on a great number of devices including the ones Samsung has just launched short time ago.

Samsung has come up with four new devices that will feature Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 8 Phone. This new family of devices is called ATIV which is the reversed spelling of the Latin word VITA that means “life” and that represents Samsung’s intentions to “make everyone’s life extraordinary with excitement.”

The four devices include the 10.1-inch ATIV Tab, the 4.8-inch ATIV S, the 11.6-inch ATIV Smart PC and the 11.6-inch ATIV Smart PC Pro. The two smart PCs are hybrid tablets that will come with a detachable keyboard-docking system and with Wacom’s S Pen digitizer pen.

The two devices are only 9.9-mm (ATIV Smart PC) and 11.9-mm thick (ATIV Smart PC Pro) featuring Samsung’s SuperBright 11.6-inch Full HD LCD display and the powerful Intel Core i5 processor. They also come with miniSD, USB 2.0 (Smart PC) and USB 3.0 (Smart PC Pro) as well as mHDMI and two extra USB 2.0 ports on the keyboard. The ATIV Smart PC has a battery life of up to 13.5 hours and the ATIV Smart PC Pro of up to 8 hours.

The Windows RT tablet solution Samsung has come up with is the ATIV tab. This one weighs 570g and is 8.9-mm thick featuring a 10.1-inch display, HDMI output, a USB 2.0 host port and an 8,200 mAh battery among other things. The tablet is compatible with many Windows-based PC accessories and devices for which there’s no need to install extra software.

And there’s also the ATIV S smartphone that will feature a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core SoC, 8MP Rear Auto Focus Camera with LED Flash, Micro HDMI, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, microSD Card SLot Up to 64 GB and an 8,200mAh battery. There are no details related to the price or the availability of these devices, though. We’ll let you know about this as soon as we find out something. So, stay tuned!