Is Windows Phone Better Than Android Smartphone?

Windows8 phones have a fresh new interface which makes it one of its kind. Windows phone have a very good blend of powerful hardware and exciting Operating System. Further on comparing the specifications of the windows phone and Android, we feel that Windows phone have higher standards than android but Android is more user friendly and popular.

Talking about the features, then windows8 have been integrated with X-Box live gaming which makes windows phone, a better phone for gaming.

Further we see that every windows phone that is available, has powerful hardware to run every application but in case of Android, hardware is efficient only with high ranged phones.

If we look at the app market then Windows phone surely lacks behind Android as Android features more applications in its Google Play market.

When Windows7 phones were launched, they had poor multitasking as the, every process got terminated when you exit from the screen whereas in case of android the processes are still running in the background and we can also see the processes in the notification bar on top of screen. We wonder how is multitasking done in windows8 phones.

Windows phones major drawback was the absence of Bluetooth, sine Bluetooth makes sharing easier so Bluetooth should definitly be there in windows8 phone.

Further we see the windows 7 phone was not integrated with the Google products like Gmail, Gtalk and other Google services which is a drawback.

Android is so far the best mobile OS used, today’s market is flooded with Android phone whereas very few windows phones are available which is a drawback for the windows phone. Last time when i went to buy a phone, I could see the huge demand for the iPhone and similar demand for the Android phones but there was very less demand for the windows phone.

In the nutshell, we would like to inculcate that just like everything has its pros and cons, similarly windows phone also has its pros cons and both the mobile Android and Windows phone are good and efficient in their own way.

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