How to Uninstall a Software in Windows?

Sometimes we install many software programs to check what can they do for us. Some software are for special purpose and may be used once so we need to remove them. Uninstalling a software program on Windows system is not so hard even its easier than installing software.

Benefits of uninstalling a software:

  • If you are not using a software from long time
  • If a software doesn’t work properly or crashes many times a day than its a wise idea to uninstall and then reinstall it.
  • To free up Hard disk space.
  • To speed up Windows system.

There are many tools available to uninstall software applications on Windows system. You can search them in Google. But installing a new tool to uninstall software is not a good idea if Windows itself has application uninstaller. You can use ‘Programs and Features’ to uninstall programs or to make changes in their settings.

Uninstall Software using Programs and Features:

  • First open Programs and Features window. To open it go to Control Panel and then Programs and Features. or Open ‘Windows Explorer’ and click on ‘Uninstall or change a program’ link at top menu bar.
  • Now select the software you want to uninstall. Double-click on it or choose right-click and then uninstall. You may be prompt for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Uninstaller will now gather required information’s to remove software. Some software depends on other software or a part of software, they needs further confirmations, provide confirmation as per their needs.

You are done! Some software also has ‘Change’ and ‘Repair’ options. If you are facing some problems with a particular software and want to repair, you can select Change/Repair options. But Uninstalling and then reinstalling a software program is the best way to repair a software.

Uninstall Software using Start Menu:

Almost all software can also be uninstalled from Start Menu. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the ‘Start Menu’, (to open it press Windows Key). In Windows XP click ‘Programs’. In Windows Vista & Windows 7, click ‘All Programs’ just above search box.
  • Now find the folder of software you wish to uninstall. In this folder you can see the uninstall option, click on it and follow the instructions.

After following above tutorial if you still face problem in uninstalling a software programs, kindly ask your query in comments.

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