What is Windows Control Panel & How to Open it?

Windows OS has thousands of settings that can be accessed and configured from various programs. But finding a specific setting may be a tough task. That’s why the Windows ‘Control Panel’ exists. Control Panel allows users to view and configure different programs, personalization, administrative and basic system settings.

Control Panel categories all settings in 8 sections:

  • System and Security
  • Network and Internet
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Programs
  • User Account and Family Safety
  • Appearance and Personalization
  • Clock, Language and Region
  • Ease of Access

With the help of Control Panel we can configure almost every Windows settings like add & remove hardware & software, control user accounts, administrative options, hard disk management, personalization, networking settings.

How to Open Windows Control Panel:

Control panel can be accessed using many methods. Here are three most obvious methods.

  1. Press Windows Key to open Start Menu. On the right-side you can see Control Panel link.
  2. Using Command Prompt: Open command prompt, now type ‘control.exe’ and hit enter key.
  3. Using RUN command: Press ‘ctrl + R’ to open run prompt. Now type control.exe and hit enter. If you use Windows 7 then instead of control.exe you can use ‘control’ and hit enter key.

Do you know other methods, share with us using comment form.

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